The Issue – What do the below populations have in common?

  • 56 million Americans over 65.
  • 67 million physical caregivers.
  • 96 million monitors of care.
  • 24 million American lone workers.
  • 297 million American health insurance policies.
  • 108 million corporate self-insured.
  • 171 million American life insurance policies.
  • $100 Billion – value of near real time health data to pharma analytics.
  • Special Needs, Situational Awareness, Corporate Self Insured

They all share a desire and need for an optimized platform that provides the purest modality for remote care mobile monitoring and data collection, access, and analytics

Age of Dataism - Collection, Storage, Analytics, and Management


  • 93.5% of experienced Americans will/want to live independently, 70% will need ADL. Social Isolation issue.
  • 90% of family caregivers want a way to monitor their loved ones, receive alerts and be involved in their care. Will reduce stress, provide peace of mind and improve care/life of loved one. Will pay for it.
  • Health and Life Insurance Underwriters argue for better data for risk assessment and underwriting optimization.
  • Pharma big data analytics reduces drug development costs and streamlines clinical trial process.
  • Extends remote monitoring solutions to mobile. Meaningful impact on life.
  • Population supply and demand dynamic in America for next 30 years. How to care for them all.

February 21, 2019. AT&T - OneLife Announce the First LTE-M Certified Medical and Health Data Wrist Wearable on AT&T Network.

Stepping Inside The Tornado

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