OneCare’s brand is the purest and most robust remote mobile monitoring, data and analytics platform in the world. The platform consists of the following:

  • Carewatch – the first stand-alone, direct connected, cellular network certified LTE-M (Long-Term Evolution for Machines) remote monitoring/health/medical wrist wearable.
    • Heart Rate
    • Movement – Steps, Elevation, Fall Detection
    • Location – GPS X, Geo-fencing Safe Zones
    • Sleep – Quality, disorders
    • SOS – Alerts calls center for outliers
    • Medication Reminders
  • Cloud – Personal Health Account- access to health data in the cloud
  • Guardian – Monitoring APP and Web Portal Monitoring Dashboard
  • Hub of Care – built-in BLE (Blue-Tooth Low Energy) module allows other devices to transmit data to the cloud
  • Data - Actionable Data, What, When and Where it’s needed, through open API (Application Programming Interface).

Patient engagement 2.0, Employee engagement, Relationship engagement, Connecting the disconnected, Caring for each other.

June 6, 2019. Business Insider – Top RPM Solutions and Start-ups. OneCare-OneLife Listed 3rd

Taking Care of Each Other

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